What Do We Want?

Healthy Communities + Livable Wages + Timely Climate Solutions

  • Replace jobs in fossil fuels with low or zero-carbon alternatives by 2030 – and ensure that all workers impacted by this shift receive the necessary economic support as they transition.
  • Stop public subsidies given to the fossil fuel industry – such as the $2.6+ million taxpayer subsidy for each of the Shell cracker’s 600 permanent jobs ($?) – and reallocate these resources to support the transition to non-fossil fuels. For example, jobs in restoring ecosystems destroyed by extractive industries.
  • Job training
  • Public and worker ownership of our energy system
  • 100% clean renewable energy
  • Fair, living wages which will prevent families from making difficult sacrifices to pay bills
  • Zero discharge of plastic pellets into the environment at plastic manufacturing facilities, we need to stop the creation of the Ethane Cracker Plant in Belmont County, Ohio that will go on to produce more plastic products that will further pollute our region and the world.
  • Greater transparency from the petroleum industry on emissions released during production